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Gin's Tap Room Courtyard at Mattei's Tavern


PHOTOS Kim Reierson
TEXT Kendall Conrad
EDITOR Sofia Florimbi


With summer rounding the corner, I wanted to kick off the season with a relaxed and festive lunch party for friends. As a newly appointed ambassador for Hallstein Water, I had been asked to host a panel for founder Elisabeth Muhr, who was visiting the area from her native Austria. Elisabeth is an ecological engineer and expert on water purity with radiantly clear skin—seemingly testament to her findings. Hallstein is a hyper environmentally-conscious brand, so it made sense to invite clean beauty expert and Aficionada Kerrilynn Pamer to join the conversation as well. The focus of the afternoon was hydration. How do we stay truly hydrated and what is the relationship between water and our overall health?


The Panel: Kerrilyn Pamer, Elisabeth Muhr, and Kendall Conrad  


For a location I chose The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern, the Auberge hospitality group’s wonderful new Los Olivos compound. We started the event in a private garden patio with tastings of Hallstein water and a selection of delicious local wines from Artiste Winery. The panel discussion centered around questions of environmental consciousness with water consumption, and the best kinds of water for drinking (Hallstein!). Muhr and Pamer agreed that microplastics are something we should definitely steer clear of, making Hallstein even more extraordinary as reports have proven it to be 100% microplastic free in both its 5 gallon BPA-free bottle and the 750 ml recycled white glass version. While glass is the best transportation option for now, it is certainly an imperfect solution long term. Muhr noted that what makes Hallstein water rare is its unique balance of minerals caused from the regional geological terrain. Sourced and bottled directly from an aquifer 700 feet below layers of limestone at the base of Austria’s Dachstein mountain, Hallstein is completely untreated and therefore uncompromised - its velvety taste and high alkalinity is totally natural. Another reason I wanted to work with Hallstein is they are now the only commercially available water with a scientifically conducted study that quantifiably proves it’s health benefits. These unprecedented results include it being twice as effective as the best quality tap water in fighting free-radicals and reducing oxidative stress, and works as effectively as plant-based adaptogens.


Guests Laura Macker Johnson and Lisa Lloyd representing KC with the ROUNDED CUFF, PACHA WRIST WRAP, and AZUCENA SHOULDER AND CROSSBODY BAG




The Barn at Mattei's Tavern, the hotel's private dining room. 




After the panel discussion, the group moved into the main dining room of the Barn, the hotel’s large yet intimate event space right off the patio where the panel discussion was held. Because of its high ceilings, I needed a large tall floral arrangement that would anchor the room and give it a vibrant central focus. I went with towering chartreuse Eremurus in a tall cylindrical glass vase, and used stones I collected from the beach as a way of supporting the stems in their arrangement. I scattered more stones along the table in little clusters to draw on the event’s theme, and also as a way of adding texture.




Because the hotel stock was very neutral (something I love, especially for how it sets the stage to bring in color), I added bright orange ranunculus in small glass bud vases in front of each guest and scattered down the length of the table. The table itself was made of a raw wood with a beautiful grain, so I didn’t want to cover anything up with a tablecloth or placemats. 




Kerrilynn Pamer of CAP Beauty and Anna Rice of Artiste Wines


The goodie bag. 



For lunch, the hotel provided a super fresh menu that began with a crab and apple almond gazpacho with Hallstein water and aged sherry vinegar, followed by a luscious little gem salad with olive oil poached salmon, haricot vert, baby new potatoes, green olives and a soft-boiled farm egg. For dessert, we offered a selection of my favorite Honey Mama chocolates, cut into bite-sized squares and served on rustic wood dessert plates for sharing. Guests each left with gift bags packed with bottles of water from Hallstein, bottles of wine from Artiste, matcha to-go sticks from Cap Beauty, detox supplements from Juna, bangles from Kendall Conrad and discount codes for all. The takeaway? Drink quality water! Hydration starts from within.