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Kerrilynn Pamer | Founder/CEO

Kerrilynn Pamer is a leader and expert in the field of natural beauty and wellness. Her journey began like so many, with a need. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, she set out on a mission to learn everything she could to reclaim her life. She began with dramatic changes to her diet, but also overhauled her daily routines and skincare practices with an emphasis on exclusively plant-based ingredients. The results were profound. Choosing products formulated with the highest quality botanicals changed not only the quality of her skin, but helped her internal systems as well. This led her to founding CAP Beauty, a one-stop shop for products measured to Pamer’s exacting standards. Approaching beauty and wellness from the perspective of health allowed Pamer to create a space which filters out the noise, providing customers with research-based products and information, not to mention a more holistic approach. With a tightly curated edit of high potency plant-based skincare and wellness products, plus her own line of signature goods and a wildly popular newsletter and blog, The Thinking CAP, CAP Beauty has set a high bar for the rest of the natural beauty and wellness industry. Kerrilynn also wrote one of my favorite beauty recipe books High Vibrational Beauty  Kerrilynn certainly knows a thing or two about holistic wellness, and we met up with her on a blustery afternoon in April, to find out more about what she recommends. 


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Kerrilynn wears the Thick Rounded Bangle III, the Hemisphere Cuff, the Gael Wrist Wrap in cognac and the Thick Rounded Bangle


What is your current skincare routine?

I use Marie Veronique, Vintner’s Daughter, Monastery and our first skincare product, serotoner. I’m in the process of developing our CAP skincare line and testing the range. It’s really good!





Kerrilynn wears the Nabila Hoops II, the Grandita Ear Cuff, the Grandita Ring, the Square Ring III and the Maja Bangle II 


What do you look for in a product/treatment/brand?

The feeling that the item was created with love, intention and purpose.  

"I believe that beauty starts on the inside. My celiac diagnosis highlighted the importance of what I put in my body and led me to understand that starting with a solid foundation leads to true beauty, and health. The topicals are a bonus to that foundation, and allow the inside and outside to work synergistically. They become partners in revealing the most vital version of self. " 

 Kerrilynn balances rocks wearing the Rock Ring I, the Square Ring III and the Maja Bangle II


Are there any treatments, supplements, recipes, practices, etc. you can’t live without?

Laying on my Biomat, weekly sourdough bread sessions, daily movement and connection with my husband all serve as north stars. But at this point in my life, I try to not get too attached to the idea of things I can’t live without. I consider any and all of the above a luxury.  


Please share your favorite DIY beauty recipe.

I adore a homemade matcha and honey mask. Mix ½ teaspoon CAP Beauty Matcha with 1 Tablespoon of honey (preferably Activist Manuka). It’s filled with antioxidants and super calming and nourishing while gently exfoliating to the skin.


What are your favorite recipes to cook these days? 

I love roasting vegetables and having them in the fridge to create an easy and delicious meal on demand. My husband (John von Pamer) makes amazing sauerkraut, (recipe coming soon), so a meal we often have is a bowl of vegetables, some type of sauce (loving the Tahini), sauerkraut, greens and a shake of our collaboration with Botanica, The Magic Spice. Add a piece of homemade gluten free sourdough (recipe coming soon) and dinner is served.


Ricardo the Chihuahua. The rings are the Imaan III, the Esfera Ring Cuff, and the Rounded Ring II


Where do you look for inspiration? Any current obsessions?

Nature, animals, books, friends, homes, art, John O’Donohue. Beauty is everywhere, and often in the places I least expect to find it. I always have my eyes open for inspiration.


Ricardo (Ric) hanging out by the fire. 


What do you do to unwind or destress?

My husband and I have a pact, that when one of us is stressed or wound up, we need to change our state through movement. If we are still in the negative state, then we can talk it out, but until then, no looping. If I change my physical state it typically dissolves. I recently read in the new book Burnout that this is the same as completing the stress cycle. So my first approach to unwinding or destressing is changing my physiological state. If that doesn’t work I play chess, make a meal, read, spend time with my husband and our animals or go feed the horses. One of those typically helps. 


Kerrilynn wears the Rock II Pendant and the Cresta Fusion Ring


Kerrilyn wears the Cresta Fusion and Mounia Ring


Do you have any rules to live by?

I try not to live by rules, but I do thrive with systems and suggestions. Years ago, I read something Gretchen Rubin referred to as “things to know as an adult”. A couple of mine are: always bring another layer, and never come home from vacation on Sunday. So simple, but so effective. Other than that, the simple rule of treat others how you would like to be treated has served me well throughout my life. 






What would be your perfect day?

This question always trips me up, so much pressure! But if I had to declare the perfect day it would probably include time spent with my husband, dogs and friends, lots of food, a bit of shopping, riding horses and relaxing deeply after so much happening during the day. 



What’s up next for CAP?

So much. This next year will reveal the full skincare collection that I have been working on for years. I’m beyond excited to be in this place after many years of planning, dreaming and finally bringing it to life.


Mounia Pendant and bracelets listed below.


Esfera Charm Bracelet, Imaan Bangle, and Ribbon Chain II Bracelet


What is your favorite KC piece, and how do you like to style it?

I love the Rounded III Bangle and I love the Grand Esfera Ring. But there’s so many good pieces, it’s hard to choose.


What do you like best about KC the brand?

The suggestion of a life well lived. More than likely in California.