The Paradero Hotel | Todos Santos – Kendall Conrad


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The Paradero Hotel | Todos Santos


We recently visited the Paradero Hotel in Todos Santos, Mexico and was so struck by the experience. Though it isn't far from Cabo San Lucas, the hotel feels worlds away. I was inspired by its dramatic brutalist architecture and the incredible surrounding gardens, especially at night, when everything is lit to feel extra magical. There are tons of meandering pathways to explore, with native plantings bleeding into the hotel’s surrounding natural environment. Quiet and peaceful, the whole place feels conducive to meditation, reflection, and rest. 









One of my favorite things to do is to go on walks and to connect with nature. The gardens on the hotel property flow together in a winding, organic way, which allows you to explore at your own pace. There are many different species of cactuses, palm trees, and other wild, hearty desert plantings which make up the garden’s various pathways and pauses, and an infinity pool where you’re able to soak it all in. Sprawling and diversely populated, the gardens felt like a sanctuary unto themselves.



I was especially impressed with the hotel's attention to detail--from the design, to the amenities, the whole experience felt thoughtfully curated. There is a wide range of adventure and wellness experiences on offer as well; from a fully equipped spa to group meditations, guided hikes, bike tours, and private beach excursions, there’s no shortage of stuff to do. Most intriguing of all however are the traditional ceremonies the hotel offers. Drawing on centuries-old Mexican herbal wisdom, guests can opt to experience the on-site sweat-lodge in a unique, sacred guided ritual.



However what I personally enjoyed the most was eating at the hotel’s restaurant, with its ever-changing menu of sophisticated Oaxacan cuisine. Everything was super fresh, with most of the produce coming from the hotel’s garden. Sharp flavor pairings like guava and chili complemented the inventive list of cocktails dreamed up by the hotel's mixologist and left a lasting impression. If you are looking for a restorative travel experience with beautiful amenities and a wide range of offerings on site, then I definitely recommend the Paradero. I hope you will soon get a chance to visit this special place!