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Winter Cleansing Ideas with Anna Getty from Amalgam Kitchen

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January is a great time to start the year out in a healthy way by resetting the body with a cleanse. But juicing alone is not enough, especially in the cold and rainy winter months. It's important to listen to your body's needs, and to tailor your cleanse accordingly. Identifying any imbalances in the body, setting an intention, and taking into account seasonal factors are helpful to consider when developing any detoxification protocol. We reached out to expert and Aficionada Anna Getty from Amalgam Kitchen to learn more about cleansing, and about what she does to give her body a reset in the winter months. 


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How do you approach resetting the body after all the craziness we put it through during the holiday season?

It truly depends on the season. When I do a spring or summer detox, I incorporate a lot of juices and smoothies. But in the wintertime I find juices too cold and dampening for my body.



For fall and winter detoxes I may incorporate some juices, very minimally and focus instead more on warming and nourishing elements--soups, mineral broths and teas. I also like to incorporate different healing and nutritional philosophies like Ayurveda and Macrobiotics. These systems are centuries-old and work with one's constitution by combining nutrition with an understanding of the elements.

"I try to be intuitive, and in the winter focus more on a nourishing, rebuilding and supporting process, instead of wiping my body out with the more extreme elements of cleansing."

One can overdo it and get really sick otherwise--I have done it multiple times. I go for a gentle program. It also depends if I have a focus--do I want to cleanse my liver, my kidneys, my lungs, or my gut? Detoxes are getting a bad rap. Yes, it’s true the kidneys and liver are designed for detoxification, but if one has indulged as many do towards the end of the year’s decadence, those organs get taxed. You can get a liver enzyme test when doing a routine blood test to see where your liver is at. Give it a break by cutting down or eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol (more sugar), pasteurized cow dairy and gluten. For some, just cutting those out can help the body reset. One of course can go more extreme, like a Candida cleanse which can be months long if one has yeast overgrowth. Working with a nutritionist or integrative doctor can be helpful.


Are there certain foods or food groups, habits etc. you eliminate?

I have done so many different types of cleanses as well as guided them and have taken from them the various aspects which have resonated and worked for me. Whenever I cleanse, no matter what cleanse I am doing, I omit gluten, cow dairy, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, refined sugar and processed foods.

"The last time I cleansed I drank broths-chicken, beef and vegetable broths. I also had one cooked meal a day. Teas and green juices."

I just finished a reset and usually for the three days before I transition out of the above mentioned foods. In this ten day cleanse, I incorporated Ayurvedic principles and my intention was to assist my body in balancing hormones, and to focus on bringing my blood sugar down. I have a tendency to get near pre-diabetes when I am not careful, i.e. as I drank wine, ate croissants and pasta almost every day last summer in Europe. I came back and my A1c glucose markers were worrisome.

How do you go about doing that-do you go cold turkey, do you abstain for a certain set amount of time, what’s the process of reintegrating like and the process like overall?

Whenever I decide to do a cleanse, about two to three times a year, I always have an intention and a focus. Sometimes I want to get my blood sugar down and so I omit simple carbohydrates and pretty much all sugars, honey and monk fruit included. Last year in the broth cleanse I did for two weeks, one week was all about the liver, and the second week was the kidneys, supported by Dr. Schultz’s herbs.

I also will do supportive modalities like dry brushing my body, saunas, cold showers, acupuncture, dance and movement, Epsom baths and massage. I'll also do colonics or enemas when necessary. Just do what you can. With any reset or cleanse, I also like to change a habit, like drink water consistently or cut down on caffeine.


Are there any recipes you would like to share that help or enhance detoxification/remineralization, or that help you get through this time?

I have a wonderful Roasted Vegetable Stock on my site. I also think the Tahini Miso Sauce  is great. Especially poured over steamed vegetables and quinoa.



If one does choose to juice, here is a good one as it is not too cooling. It is very hydrating and detoxifying. The ginger warms the blood. The parsley cleanses the blood and the fennel is great for digestion.


1 green apple, sliced, don’t juice the seeds
2 fennel bulbs (use as much as the frond as you like), cut into small pieces
1 inch piece of ginger, peeled
1 celery rib
1 lemon, outer skin remove but not the white pith
5 sprigs of parsley
1 cup of spring or filtered water

Juice the first six ingredients and then add to the cup of water, stir and drink.


Are there any treatments, specific protocols, books etc. that you follow or would recommend?

I love these books:
Living Ayurveda by Claire Ragozzino
What to Eat for How You Feel by Divya Alter
The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry
The Detox Solution by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald
Clean by Alejandro Junger