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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Introducing | Aficionada Entertaining

dinner partyA creekside dinner I hosted for my dear friends Alix and Goffreddo Marcaccini.


I’ve loved throwing parties for as long as I can remember. From small, intimate affairs to dance-fueled all-nighters, I love how parties bring people together. My parents were amazing party hosts, and I believe this left a lasting impression on me. As a girl I loved watching their glamorous guests from the top of the stairs when I was supposed to be in bed sleeping. I couldn’t wait to one day host my own parties, and over the years as a young woman, wife and mother, I must have hosted hundreds. Along the way, I've picked up many tips and tricks, and this past fall, the Rosewood Miramar Hotel asked me to share these with an audience in a masterclass on entertaining. It occurred to me that I might open it up even further and share what I’ve learned with you. I'll be covering everything from decor, to playlists, seating, menus, and more in greater depth in coming articles, so be sure to stay tuned!


Photo: Luca Trovato for Santa Barbara Magazine.