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Guide to Layering | Chain Necklaces

Whether for day or night, layered chains are always sexy. They're an easy way to give your look a fresh, personal spin, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Below, we're sharing our top tips for creating the ultimate layered chain look for night.



1. When in doubt, go with what first catches your eye, and then build up from there. This piece will serve as the anchor to the stack and sets the tone.  

2. For your next piece, pick something that speaks directly to the first piece. Maybe it's a slightly larger or smaller version of the first piece, or something that hangs a little lower. In general, we like to keep things in the same metal family. 

3. For your third layer, and however many more you want to add, choose something that creates balance and contrast with the existing layers. For example, if your first two pieces are delicate disco and box chains, you many want to add in a weightier pendant chain for texture and interest.

4. Play around until you get the balance just right. Layering is a bit like alchemy, and it's good to have all your options spread out in front of you so you can play around and see what works.