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Bobbi Brown's Beauty Tips

Kendall and Bobbi first met in the 90s on a photoshoot in New York, and later, she worked with Kendall's husband David Cameron on a film for Michael Kors starring Christy Turlington. For decades, Bobbi has been the queen of no-makeup-makeup, and her latest launch, Jones Road, is leading the way with its streamlined approach to makeup and skincare. We all want to look rested, hydrated, clean and natural, but sometimes that can be a challenge. Even though an effortless look may look easy, it takes some know-how to get there. With buildable, multitasking formulas that focus on highlighting the natural beauty of its wearer, Bobbi’s latest launch is first and foremost user-friendly. Designed with all ages and skill-levels in mind, the products are approachable, versatile, and aimed at maximizing your everyday routine. We spoke with Bobbi about her top tips for achieving that healthy, super-rested glow at any age, and about what she sees next for the future of makeup and beauty.


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Why did you start Jones Road, can you tell us about its journey?

With the launch of Jones Road in 2020, I made a full circle return to my roots as a makeup artist. After leaving my first brand, I launched a few new initiatives.  I went back to school and became a health coach, launched a wellness brand and opened a boutique hotel with my husband in my hometown of Montclair, NJ. Then, Masterclass called and asked me to do a makeup masterclass, which was such an honor. When I was prepping for the Masterclass, I started experimenting with a lot of different makeup products and it made me realize that, before anything else, I’m a makeup artist first and that I love formulating and creating new products.  

So I met with a chemist and started experimenting -- and that's how I created the first products in the Jones Road Beauty collection. Jones Road has brought me back to what I love most, which is being a makeup artist and teaching women how to look like themselves, only better. And launching Jones Road has been so much easier than launching my first brand because I now have decades of experience behind me. I knew exactly what to do and what not to do this time around. Finally, I'm really happy to be the boss again. When I want to do something new, I just ask myself -- and I usually say yes! 



What products would you use for a quick and easy, everyday, healthy and rested makeup look for those under 45? Over 45?

Our customer base is vast. It spans many generations, and ethnicities. Jones Road is for anyone that understands and loves the no-makeup-makeup aesthetic. I’ve been a makeup artist for 40 years and I have a good understanding of what women want. They want beauty products that are clean, easy to apply and that work. It's really that simple. Regardless of their age, most women don't want to look overly made up. They want to look like themselves on their very best day.  When a woman feels good in her skin and knows she looks her best, then she is confident and happy. In my experience, the two best beauty products you can have are confidence and happiness. That's what Jones Road strives to deliver.




What’s the number one mistake you see with people when it comes to doing their makeup?

I think wearing too much makeup ages us so I like to encourage customers to simplify their routines. I think one of the implications of our post-pandemic world is that our relationship with beauty has changed. We all learned how to live with less and to accept things as they are, including the way we look. The truth is that if you’re eating well and taking care of yourself, you really don’t need a lot of makeup. I’m wearing less makeup today than I ever did, and so are the models who I’m making up in my chair. That transparent, naturally beautiful look just feels more modern right now than a full face of makeup.




Do you have any tips for finding the right foundation or concealer shade?

1. Use daylight. You have to check the foundation under daylight to make sure that it's the right color. So, if you have to walk away from the counter and go outside with a small mirror, just look at it, and you'll know it's the right color.

2. Make sure it disappears. You want to make sure that whatever foundation you choose, when you apply it to the side of the face, it disappears. And you want it to be the same tone as your skin. So, when you choose one, you put it on your skin, you blend it in, and if it disappears, it's the right color. 

3. Find the right formula for your skin type: I don't wear foundation everyday but when I do, I think light to medium coverage looks best and I try to use as little product as possible.  If your skin is normal to dry, then go with a moisturizing foundation like What The Foundation. If your skin sometimes gets oily, then you may just want to use Face Pencils to even out your skin tone and cover any dark circles or redness. Then top it off with a little tinted powder or one of our new bronzers. 



How essential is blush? Do you have any tips or tricks for placement, it seems it is getting higher?

Blush has always made me feel instantly happy and healthier. I grew up on powder blush and as a makeup artist, it became a signature part of my makeup style. Whenever I would do makeup on models for magazines or for the runway, I’d always add more blush to every model’s cheek because they would just immediately look better.

The best way to apply blush is to smile and apply blush to the apple of the cheek. I use the Jones Road Blush Brush, which is a wider brush, and go up and around the cheeks in circular motions. It just gives a nice lift. 

You can also use a brush to make sure the product is softened on the sides and below the apple of the cheek. Any excess powder can be applied to the hairline and the nose for a natural look. 



What is the best way to conceal under eye bags without emphasizing wrinkles? 

As we get older, the most important factor to remember when choosing makeup is paying close attention to the texture and tone of the makeup we wear. Always choose textures that are hydrating vs. drying. Your makeup should go on smoothly and feel good on your skin. The right concealer is one that doesn’t embed itself in the fine lines we have around our eyes. Even before concealer, we need to start with just the right amount of eye cream to moisturize the skin around those fine lines. Then, apply the concealer on top of that. If you’re properly hydrating under your eyes, the concealer shouldn’t smear or get in between the lines. 




Do you have any other tips for how should we be transforming our makeup routines as we get older?

I just turned 66 and have perfected my self-care routine by keeping beauty and wellness very simple.  First, I’m not wearing a lot of makeup these days so that really helps. At night, I wash my face with our cleansing stick, which is portable and easy to use. Then, I follow up with a light moisturizing cream. In the morning, I usually just splash my face with water, add moisturizer if I need it, and most days, I wear almost no makeup at all. I also follow a regular wellness routine of drinking lots of water, eating well and incorporating good fats into your diet throughout the day.  What you put into your body shows up on your skin so the healthier you eat, the healthier your skin looks.  


What’s next for Jones Road? Any exciting new products coming soon?

We just opened our first NYC store in Greenwich Village last month which was so exciting for me.  We're opening our third store location in the Hamptons early this summer! We also have several new launches planned for the next few months -- we just launched three new shades of Just a Sec, one of our eye shadows and we have three new lip tint shades launching in a few weeks. We'll also be announcing a new category very soon (hint, it's not hair... we've done that already too :) but that's all I can say about that for now. Coming soon! 




What are your top three favorite Jones Road products—your desert island staples? 

With Jones Road, I set out to make the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife – products that were clean, easy to use and multi-purpose that worked for any skin type or skin tone. We have many products that fit that description, but the first recommendation would have to be Miracle Balm. It's now available in nine shades and it's truly a one-of-a-kind game changing product.  On my social channels, I do a lot of educational content about Miracle Balm to show consumers how to use it. You use your fingers to dig into the balm, breaking the seal so all the emollients mix into the formula. Then, you just rub your fingers together and pat the Miracle Balm onto your cheeks and/or lips (for a subtle glow and to add luminosity). I guarantee you’ll look instantly better!

Second, I love the 101 Set -- it's the perfect collection of makeup essentials in universally-flattering hues, and can be customized for your skin tone. 

Finally, I love the versatility of the Hippie Stick and the spa-like smell of it. It's a universal balm that melts onto any area of the body—face, cuticles, and nails…anywhere you need a moisture boost. I even use it on my hair to smooth out flyaways.  It's also perfect for summer when we travel and spend more time outdoors.  It's a "take it everywhere with you" product that you can just throw in your beach bag and be ready to go anywhere.