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a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

The Ross Girls


Alison, Katherine, Jane and Amanda Ross wearing ARossGirl x Soler


Meet the The Ross Girls, Katherine, Jane, Alison, and Amanda. Cousins and sisters. They hail from Michigan and now live in L.A., London, and New York respectively, but always make sure to spend quality time with each other and their husbands, children, and step-children as often as possible. We shot this in early February (pre-COVID-19 quarantine) when they were all in L.A. together. They share their thoughts about life below.

"My cousins are a wonderful extension of my relationship with my sisters. Their father and our father were close brothers and growing up we were always together on holidays and on weekends. Jane was really like a big sister to Alison and Amanda. They spent more time together when they were young but are all very close. I absolutely love and treasure sharing time and visiting with my cousins and their families." -Katherine Ross


Sisters Jane and Katherine Ross

"They say that a sister is like a best friend that you cannot get rid of and I say - thank goodness for that! My sister can be both my best friend and at the same time the opposite of me. This can bring us joy and sometimes can upset us. No matter what happens she is always there for me and is my biggest supporter. I love her deeply and I am beyond grateful for walking through this life with her." -Katherine Ross

Katherine Ross-Communications Consultant and Co Founder


What do you do and what do you love about it?
I have worked in communications over the past 20 years and more recently as a consultant. Two years ago I launched a project called re:la (regarding Los Angeles) with my friend Angelique Soave. We sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and accessories that say things about Los Angeles. What I love most about re:la is finding interesting quotes from artists that speak to what makes Los Angeles so unique.

I spend a good portion of my time supporting my husband, Michael Govan, Director and CEO of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I also founded the Wear LACMA program for Director's Circle at LACMA. Wear LACMA is an art and fashion collaboration between the museum and Los Angeles-based designers that celebrate the museum's collection. Since 2012, the program has raised over $500,000 for the museum. I have really enjoyed working with all the talented designers (including Kendall Conrad!!) and the patrons that have generously supported LACMA.

Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?
Los Angeles is home. I don’t mean to sound cliché. ...but I love the weather! Honestly, what I love most about Los Angeles is the artistic culture. I cherished my twenty plus years in New York, but I really feel that Los Angeles thrives on innovation and creativity and I am very happy to call it home.

Who inspires you?
My grandmothers and my mother.

"Stay calm and ride the wave."

What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go after the quarantine?
I really love the American West and any chance I get to explore with my family is great. I think I am a cowgirl at heart. Some of my favorite trips have been flying with my husband in his plane to Monument Valley, visiting Utah’s Capitol Reef, staying at the Triple Creek Ranch in Darby or stopping at La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona which was designed by the amazing Mary Colter. I also love visiting artwork destinations including The Lightning Field, by Walter De Maria, Spiral Jetty, by Robert Smithson, and The Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, thanks to Donald Judd. I would love to go to other spots in the American West like Lake Powell, Zion National Park and Yosemite and Redwood National Parks. I would also love to visit Alaska. There used to be this show on tv called Flying Wild Alaska (2011-2012), which was part documentary and part reality TV show about the Tweto Family and flying around Alaska in small planes and it seemed very exciting to me.

Life during COVID?
During these challenging times, we all need to find a way to have a positive perspective in relation to the bigger picture. This pandemic seems unpredictable and scary (for me mostly in the middle of the night), but I have faith that a lot of really smart people all over the world are working on this and we will find a cure. I am beyond thankful for all those that are working so hard during this extremely difficult time in our lives. I think I have discovered most of my calm through my family, food, art, music and exercise. We are usually out five nights a week and it has been a blessing to be able to be with my family every night cooking delicious healthy food for them (thank you Dr Mark Hyman and his great books on food and his podcasts ( The cultural world has been a great source for adding a positive perspective and calm to my day. I have loved watching all of the LA Philharmonic musicians on Instagram and seeing them at home makes me connect to them not only as artists but as people. Gustavo Dudamel was wonderful on KUSC selecting some of his favorite selections of music and why they are important to listen to in a time of isolation. I also love listening to Anne Litt on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic -- I used to listen to her in my car and now I am in the comfort of my own home. . .much better!

What was Passover like this year during quarantine?
Needless to say, there is a whole strategy to shopping during the pandemic. I could not find Matzo -- so we made it. My daughter, Gabrielle rolled out the matzo while I placed each one in the 500 degree oven baking them one at a time. We decided to use Mark Bittman's NY Times recipe for Olive Oil Matzo. It really helped us connect to the holiday. I might make this more often -- just as crackers! We ate it with my mother's delicious recipe for Haroseth (apples, pecans and sweet wine all chopped in the mini prep).

2 cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
⅓ cup olive oil
Sea salt, optional

Heat oven to 500 degrees. Put flour, salt and olive oil in a food processor. Once machine is on, add 1/2 cup water. Continue to run machine until dough forms a firm ball, rides around on blade and is not at all sticky. (If you prefer, whisk together the water and oil and add this to machine all at once.)
Cut dough into 12 small balls — this is easiest if you cut the ball in half, then half again, then into thirds — and flatten each into a 3- to 4-inch patty. On a well-floured surface, use a rolling pin to roll each patty into a 6- to 8-inch circle. The shapes can be irregular, but dough should be so thin you can almost see through it.
Put dough on un-greased cookie sheets, sprinkle with sea salt if you like, and bake for about 2 to 3 minutes, keeping a very close eye on breads — they can burn very quickly. Once they begin to puff up and brown, flip and cook for another minute or so on second side. Repeat with all the dough and let cool completely.

I have also learned how to make a really good frisée salad and I think I have perfected my tarte tatin.


Jane Ross-Stylist


Where do you live now and what do you love most it?
Los Angeles - the infinite shades of green!

Life goals?
Make the world a better place.

Favorite pastimes?
Cooking and reading. 

What do you like most about your work?
I like that it comes easy to me and so it doesn’t really feel like work, and that I can help people and show them the beauty they possess.

Biggest luxury?
The time I get to run in the mornings.

What inspires you?
Nature and poetry, in words or in motion.

When are you the happiest?
When I am outside with my family and the wind is blowing in my hair.

Thoughts during the COVID quarantine?
What have I learned in the last month are also things I have always known and been reminded of! I feel like I am living in a history book and very aware of this time.
Truth is best.
Mother Nature is in charge. Back up, back off, and surrender.
Family is everything - nothing I wouldn’t do for each and everyone of them!
I can cook! And I am happiest cooking for those that I love! Nourish the soul by giving good love.
I really like chocolate!

What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
Hah! My favorite place is the journey within, and I always want to swim in the sea.

Female hero and why?
My mother Gloria Rosenstein. She is deeply cool and authentic and I am beyond fortunate to breathe the same air she does! Also Oriana Fallaci. She was a bad ass truth teller in chic Italian clothes!

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
Don’t ask - I appreciate the beauty of aging.


The Palomita, Triana, and Chain Crossbody Strap and all bracelets are shoppable in gallery below.   


What are your favorite KC items and why?
I love my new Rock Pendants. I wear all three on the black Silk String.
And all my leather cuffs, the Vaquera, Camaroon, Maja II, and wear them with bangles or gold cuffs. I also wear the large Thin Rounded Hoops at least two days a week. I love the new Gitana Mini in white. What more does one need? I will wear it all spring and summer, and the new Thick Rounded Cuffs to update my look.

I love the leather cuffs, especially the Pacha Wrist Wraps and Vaquera Cuff. And my iPhone case with the Wrist Strap always - free hands! I love the Niña-and now with the new crossbody strap. I want more in the new Spring colors and textures! It’s small and doesn’t interfere so much - and can go on my shoulder or crossbody if I need, or just tuck on my wrist! It’s sensational!  I honestly love the earthy quality and the simplicity mixed with a little bohemian chic and that they are so well made and don't have logos everywhere.

"Simple, sexy, non-fuss, it’s all about the way you move." - Jane Ross




"My cousins have always also been my sisters - we are five girls and one boy. The beauty has and will always be - that we are all our own selves and loved and respected for it. The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other - and we all know it - forevermore - we are a family." -Jane Ross


Twin Sisters Alison Ross Green and Amanda Ross wearing ARossgirl x Soler

“I am and always will be a twin first. Growing up as a twin in the Sixties and Seventies, believe it or not, was rare. My identity also comes from growing up with my cousins as if they were siblings. Being part of something allowed us to feel a part of something larger in life at a young age, that can not only inform your personal landscape but transcends to how the world operates. My dad only had the two of us and my uncle had three girls and one boy. Our dads were best friends, worked together and were part of a family business which created a larger structure which we all feel a part of. Five Ross girls and David Clay. We all ended up doing something creative professionally. We are best friends and love and support one another in life and work. It has influenced the next generation and that credo will be for generations to come. " -Amanda Ross


Amanda Ross- Entrepreneur and Designer


Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?
New York City. It is a walking city with energy, street life, and culture.

Be a good person, give back, take care of my family and create success with my ARossGirl startup.

Female hero and why?
Dr Shelley Hall, Chief, Transplant Cardiology, MCS and Advanced Heart Failure at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. She created one of the most impressive Transplant centers in the USA, with a brilliant team of Doctors. She straddles motherhood (mother of 5) while devoted to saving lives, always with a smile. Against all odds, she accepted my husband to her heart program and saved his life.

Some positive thoughts during COVID?
It has unified the world. It is a reminder that sitting with what is uncomfortable brings blessing and opportunity... and how restorative it is to sit still. I have gone back to making my inspiration books, and as a family, going for walks with our dog. This is nature. As John Kabat-Zinn asked… "Are we going to get with this curriculum?"

Where do you want to go when travel is possible again?
Andalusia, anywhere in Scandinavia, Islas Secas in Panama, Bolivia, and Ischia.

Biggest luxury?

When are you the happiest?
At home with my family.

What is your style credo?
Age with grace and a good tailor.



Alison Ross Green- Art Advisor and Collaborator


Where do you live now and what do you like most about it?
I have lived in London for the last twenty six years. All worlds come together in London making it a vibrant and colorful place to live. I love the music, art, performance, and literature. I love it's traditions, its ancient history, both quirky and imperfect, the BBC World Service and last but not least its ironic humor, which took me years to understand.

What do you do and what do you like most about your work?
 I am a VIP Advisor to Frieze Masters, London, and specialize in the historic side of the art world. With my work for Frieze, I am energized by my colleagues and by the experience of collaboration.

For 10 years I have co curated an art circle which has been my visual library and intellectual inspiration. And in my philanthropic work, I recently became a trustee for Sir John Soane Museum, a National Gallery Patron, and support charities that include Save the Children, Afghan Connection, and Bloodwise.

In all of these things, being surrounded by beautiful art is a luxury which spellbound me early on in my career at Sotheby’s New York.  I love seeing how Directors and Curators weave their magic with focus and ambition in their custodial roles over British Museums and Institutions. I want to see everything whether it is artist collaborations by Langlands & Bell at the Soane Museum, or a solo show of Elliott Hodgkin, Waddesdon Manor or Artemisia Gentileschi at the National Gallery or Botanicals watercolors at Kew Gardens, Monochrome No. 2 (Blue) at Ordovas Gallery or Vivian Suter at Campden Art Centre.

Whats up next for you?
Taking each day as it comes under present circumstances. Hoping for some wonderful collaborations with my Frieze Masters team In October 2020.

Finding poetry in the everyday.

Some positive thoughts during the COVID Quarantine?
There is a shared sense of community and kindness, we are all in this together and I have learned to trust in myself, have patience, and to just be still. Our sunsets and night skies have been so clear and glisten with shiny stars-I know the earth is grateful for the break. I have returned to yoga with my two favorite teachers on Zoom and love the quality time with my husband and son Sam, puzzles, watching spring blossom with glorious sunsets in the countryside, delving into my art books and literature, cooking and walks in the countryside where we are during the lockdown. Our son Sam has always loved to cook and we have so enjoyed giving the kitchen over to him. We created a weekly cousin’s zoom call, and it has been a real highlight, and one that my father continues to derive such joy from which makes me so happy.

What Inspires you?
Adventure and travel and all the places in between.

Where do you want to go after the quarantine?
Namibia, Iceland, and Japan.

When are you happiest?
Spending time with my three sons and husband.

Biggest Luxury?
Time for reading. 

“Live with truth, love, laughter, generosity of spirit and a strong moral compass.”

How do you take good care of yourself?
My regime is rather simple. Pure Radiance C which I have taken for years, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin B, with a little bit of Glow, Inner Beauty Powder daily. I love all of my Sisley products and my signature lipstick is Baume de Rose by Terry.

Style Credo.
Pearls, moonstones, lapis, and anything blue.

Style Icon?
Ross twin and cousins, our mothers and grandmothers.



Alison wears The Twisted Bangles and Amanda wears her velvet bow from ARossGirl  x  Born in the Sun  and the Rectangle Hoops and 3/4" Ring Belt. See gallery below to shop. 


What was your first/favorite KC item?
The Niña is my current favorite. I am into small bags these days and obsessed with bucket bags, and I love the Girona Wrist Wrap in caqui Napa, to wear with my gold jewelry.

I can’t remember what came first but I have and still wear things from ten years ago - the Luz Wallet. the Playera, the sandals, hoops, all of the fringe bags over the years. I love everything KC! The Vida Clutch in black Napa is on my wishlist for an evening out-can’t wait for that when it's safe again! I always love classic designs the best and KC is true elegance and chicness that does not scream label.



The family wears Katherine's re:la jackets.


"The greatest loss I have experienced was the death of our sister, Constance Lynn. She died of a rare form of cancer when she was only 39 years old. She was in-between us in age, and a very artistic and creative person. She was also a natural mediator and peacekeeper. Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - loved Connie and I learned a lot from growing up with her. I miss her every day - we all do." -Katherine Ross 


  The family wears Katherine's re:la jackets.


What are some of your favorite books, shows, and films?
Lili Anolik, Hollywood’s Eve, Eve Babitz, The Secret History of L.A.
Elaine Pagel, Why Religion? And Lisa Damour, Untangled.
I love a good TV show but lately I have been so busy that I can’t stay up past 11pm to watch it. . . I have really enjoyed Schitt’s Creek and Barry.

Books: everything by Lao-tzu.
Films: The Secret Life of Walter Middy. I love the scene where he is skateboarding down a winding road it’s the pure essence of freedom
TV: High Fidelity - I relate to Zoe Kravitz and appreciate her deep sense of expression.

Books: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, Marie Antoinette, by Stephan Zweig, War and Peace, by Tolstoy, anything by Rilke and all of Mark Epstein books.
Films: Un Homme et une Femme, Nancy Meyers films, Antonioni, The Leopard.

The Daily, Desert Island Discs (a fascinating podcast program from the BBC the original with Kirsty Young, Art Newspaper, NPR's Fresh Air, on audio Michelle Obama reading Becoming Michelle and Lady in Waiting, My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown, by Anne Glenconner both read by the authors themselves. Currently, I am reading Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art by Mary Gabriel The Book of the Geranium by John E. Cross, and The Lost Pianos of Siberia by Sophy Roberts, a travel writer extraordinaire.



 All jewelry shoppable in gallery below.


Who are your favorite artists/any art shows you have loved?
I love so many artists but recently I went to David Kordansky Gallery to see Lauren Halsey’s new work. I have been a fan of her work since I visited the Made in LA exhibit at The Hammer in 2018 where she was awarded the Mohn Prize for artistic excellence. She is amazing and I can’t wait to see what she does for South Central Los Angeles.

Paul Gauguin and Antonio Tàpies.

Picasso. Maiden Mother Crone by Rachel Feinstein at the Jewish Museum, NYC. Picasso on Paper at the V & A.

My favorite exhibition 2020 has to be the Jan van Eyck in Ghent, Belgium which I saw just before the lockdown and a dance at Sadler Wells last year that took my breath away. Also Pieter Brueghel the Elder at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, and Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre Museum in Paris.




"We come from a large family and were raised with ancient and beautiful Jewish traditions passed onto us by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. There was always so much love between our houses and spending time with the cousins was heavenly. Though we all live so far apart, we are close as ever, and our bond is so strong that no matter how far the distances, nothing keeps us apart. I consider our closeness today and that of our own children, a true testament and triumph to the commitment we share of Family. We are to this day best friends and love and support each other always."-Alison Ross Green


All Photos and Video by Kendall Conrad Using an iPhone 11+