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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Samantha Wennerstrom | Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger



Where are you from?
Santa Barbara

Where do you live now?
Santa Barbara

To feel fulfilled, all the way until the end while wearing great clothes.





What do you do?
I'm the founder of Could I Have That? A fashion and lifestyle site.

You began your blog in 2009, what do you like best about it?
The ability to lead a creative lifestyle while creating an income doing it. It's a pretty epic job.

Where do you want to take it?
I love the process of creating content and I'd love to do that on a larger level for brands.

What are some blogs or influencers that you like to follow?
Madelynn Furlong, Geri Hirsch, Alicia Lund, Olivia Lopez, Taylr Anne and Megan Adelaide.





What inspires you?

When are you the happiest?
I can't decide if its when I'm curled up on the couch watching a movie with my husband or traveling. I'm a gemini so I get to pick two!

"I don't live my life by rules.  I keep it simple, work smarter not harder. I think there's a stigma with my generation that if you're not super busy, then you're not ambitious or successful. I feel the most creative when I have "free time." I try to be smart with my time and remind myself that quality is better than quantity especially in a creative space." 




What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
Hands down Marrakesh, Morocco. We were completely captivated by the food, culture, and overall exotic vibe. We talk about going back all the time. Next on our list is either Iceland or Turks & Caicos—did I mention I'm a gemini, ha.

What is your favorite hotel/resort to stay in?
Montage Los Cabos, it has the best beach for swimming and snorkeling and is such an easy getaway.



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What is your favorite music and latest bands?
I'm going through a Post Malone stage right now but am also loving Odesza.

Who is your favorite artist?
Carly Kuhn who does @thecartorialist. I came across her sketches on a wallpapered bathroom recently and have been itching to buy something since.

What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
I'm on a health kick so I've been reading a ton of wellness books: The Clarity Cleanse and The Depletion Cure have been favorites. I also loved The 4-Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. And  for shows, I will never tire of The Office if we're being totally honest.





What’s up next for you? 
We just bought a new home so we've been slowly chipping away at the design and work. It came with an extra lot so we're actually in the beginning stages of building on that too! Daunting but so much fun.

Female hero and why?
My grandmother. She was really good at manifesting things and had such a distinct style that has influenced everyone in my family.





Please tell me about your daughter.
Elin just turned 4. She's all about tutus, tea parties, loves painting and insists on dressing herself—currently refusing to wear pants, only dresses with tights.





What would surprise people to know about you?
I was a ballet dancer for 14 years and it still influences my style, taste in music and undying love for buns.

Do you have a favorite recipe to share?
We're pretty simple when it comes to dinner but a recent favorite as been sautéing delicata squash. I found a recipe, "Smoky Delicata Squash with Pecorino," in my friend Leela Cyd's cookbook, Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings and have been making it once a week.


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large delicate squash, skin on, seeded and cut into 1/4-inch slices (about 3 cups)
Fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/4 cup finely shredded pecorino cheese
1 teaspoon fresh oregano leaves

In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium high heat until it shimmers. Add the delicata squash and a pinch each of sea salt and pepper. Cook, stirring often, for 8 to 10 minutes, until the squash is slightly tender when pierced with a fork. Add the paprika and 2 tablespoons water. Cover the pan and cook for 2 minutes longer to let the squash steam. Uncover and shake the pan for 30 seconds more to coat everything evenly. Transfer the steamed squash to a serving dish and top with the pecorino and fresh oregano leaves.



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How do you de-stress?
I love a good bath with salts and oils. But nothing works better than a good laugh, which is usually a phone call to my sister.

Do you unplug from devices?
I unplug (usually) every night by 8 pm.

How do you take good care of yourself?
I changed my health habits a ton just over a year ago and now exercise regularly, take a handful of supplements and try to incorporate a balance diet of greens, veggies, protein, fish, bone broth and ghee into my diet. I used to hate salmon and now I eat it once a week. I try to hit yoga twice a week but most days I go for a long walk.

When do you feel your best?
After a really good night of sleep, there is nothing better.

Skincare regime?
I just switched things up. Right now I'm using a combo of Dr. Sturm, IS Clinicial and Phyto C.



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What is your style credo?
Just be you.

Who is your style icon, and why?
Taylor Tomasi Hill, she just always looks so cool. Plus she's a ginger too.



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Bold or delicate jewelry?
Both! Depends on the day.

What was your first KC piece?
The Playera bag and the Cross Chain Bracelet.

What is your favorite KC item and how do you like to style it?
I love wearing my Thin Gold Cuff(daily) stacked with the Thin Gold Bangle and Naked Toggle Chain.

What's next on your wishlist?
The Palomita in black napa!



Photos by Kendall Conrad using an iPhone X 

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