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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Rachel Roberts | Model/Entrepreneur

Rachel in her garden in Santa Barbara. All clothing in this article is from her store @chassereuse.




Where are you from?
Los Angeles and New York. I moved around a lot growing up. Those are the two places that made the biggest mark on me.

What do you do?
It's always different. Some days I’m home being a mom, on set in front of the camera, or working on my vintage shop @chasseresse, or interior design work. I like switching it up. I hate routine.


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Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?
I just moved to the very north end of Goleta which is north of Santa Barbara. It is the last stop before you’re in the central coast. I love how rural it is, yet close to so much. That’s a rare thing.


The Pacha Wrist Wrap and Fatima Cuff, left. The Square Bangle II and Festival Bracelet in cognac with painted edge.  All shop-able in store below.

"My life goal is to enjoy life and love fiercely."

Favorite hobbies/pastimes?
Thrift or vintage shopping, being at the beach, walking in nature, hanging in my garden with my animals, loving up on my husband, my children, enjoying wine or tea with friends and loved ones.


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What inspires you?
People’s lives, their stories- I love them! Where they are from, what makes them who they are.

What do you like most about your work?
Since my work is more than one thing, I’ll say this: I like working. I feel better when I’m productive and creative.


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What’s up next for you? Projects/life?
I am relaunching my vintage shop which will now only be available via Instagram @chasseresse. And I just started doing interior design last year. So, I am hoping to do more of that.


Rachel's mom, the legendary model Esmé on left. Rachel and husband Patrick. Tableau in living room.

Female hero and why?
My mom. Esmé. Because she has done it all. She has gone through extraordinary things both good and bad and has always been the same person. She is the nicest, most caring and most curious person in any room.

When are you the happiest?
On the weekends with my family just being home and having the freedom of no plans. Going with the flow with my loved ones, lying in bed and snuggling.


Rachel with baby Lyon. Dress from @chasseuresse.

What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
France, and France. Ha, I have a thing for that country, what can I say! I have been to so many places. I loved Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Costa Rica, Austria, Spain, Mexico City one of my favorites… Hawaii. But for some reason France calls me back and back again. I am dying to go to Peru and Turkey.

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Please tell me about Max and Lyon.
I have two boys! Max, my magic man he just turned 4, and Lyon, my gentle giant is 6 months old. Max is my bright and busy of mind, body, and spirit boy, and Lyon is my dream baby who is very chill and happy. They are interested in everything!

Biggest luxury?
Flowers, good wine, and a cleaning lady.


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What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
I used to read a lot before kids. Too many books to list. Now, I lean towards spiritual books like Same Soul Many Bodies, by Brian L.Weiss M.D. I am actually reading a book now called Mary Magdalene Revealed, by Meggan Watterson. I am a podcast junkie... also too many to list, my go to is GOOP. And of course, I do love to binge watch a good show, recently I loved Tiger King. My all-time favorite is probably the first season of True Detective and more recently Sharp Objects. I adore Saturday Night Live. I love films as well, particularly classic romances and comedies!


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What is your favorite music?
My love for music is too wide and complex to answer simply. I love all genres. Whatever’s speaks to me. I love soulful singers. My favorites that come to mind right now are, but not limited to:

Aretha Franklin
Bob Marley
Neil Young
Bonnie Raitt
Frank Ocean
Bob Iver
Nina Simone
Rolling Stones
Paul Simone
Maggie Rogers
Lauryn Hill



Who is your favorite artist? 
Ah! so hard for me. Too many brilliant artist and photographers. Cy Twombly. But again, like music, I love art and my taste ebbs and flows over these years I live and grow and change. I used to work at an art Gallery In New York and spent two years going to an exhibit or five every weekend. I very much look forward to taking my boys as soon as they are old enough to enjoy it.


Chief rides shotgun. Rachel wears the Origins Ring Cuff, the Esfera Ring, the Fatima Ring, Rounded Choker and Tiger Eye Hoops. All shop-able below in gallery.

Please tell me about your pets.
I have a mixed dog named Chief who is a huge dog and is scared of everything including his own shadow. I have 4 chickens who bring us so much joy and laughter. And I have a recently deceased Dog named Cy, also a mixed dog who was the love of my life and I miss every day. I can’t talk about pets without mentioning him because he was “the one”.



Beauty tips?
My beauty tips are very hippie. Like if my skin is dry, drink more water. If my skin is dull, exfoliate! If I’m breaking out, cut out sugar.
But I do live by a few things:

Always go to bed with clean moisturized skin.
Don’t wash your face in the morning, the oils from the night are muy bien.
Chapstick and eye cream are a Must.
Be happy because you will look prettier. 
Have more sex.
Use an eyelash curler daily.
Always wear earrings. 
Find a personal and signature scent or oil so you smell divine. 
Lots of water or tea.


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"I aim to be true to myself and my loved ones. To stay in integrity (truth). To follow what sparks joy, enjoy life, and love hard."

What is your best trait and what would surprise people to know about you?
Kind of hard to answer that without sounding like a jerk but ... I think my best trait is being genuine and real. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don’t do small talk or bullshit. I am comfortable with who I am, and I think people around me can feel my realness and it makes them feel comfortable. I hope. I think people would be surprised to know that I can be very socially awkward. But when I feel uncomfortable, I just start talking a lot so no one would ever know!


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How do you unwind or de-stress?
Bath. Walk. Wine. Snuggle in bed. Exercise. Sleep.

Do you unplug from devices? 
No but I’d like to get there soon.


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What is your style credo?
Oh boy that’s hard. I love fine fabrics so that’s usually my guide. Silk. Cashmere. Soft Cotton. Worn in denim. Linens...

Who is your style icon, and why?
If the 70s and the 90s had a baby. That would be my style icon.


Koutoubia and Essential Hoops II, shop-able below. 

What was your first KC piece?
A Guapa bag, in chocolate brown leather. Heavenly …I’ll never forget the smell!

What KC accessories do you like to wear during the day/night? And what is on top of your wish-list?
I love all the different sized hoops for day and bigger hoops for night! The Rounded Toggle Chain Necklace and the Xarraca giant tote is at the top of my current wishlist.

What is your favorite bag and what do you like best about KC?
A simple Bolsillo III. I got it years ago. I have worn it as a clutch also. Very masculine/feminine, simple and chic. I love how classic KC is. Could be from any era, so stylish. I love that KC has lots of small bags. They are so efficient and sexy.