Nitsa Citrine | Alchemist/Creative Director – Kendall Conrad


Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Nitsa Citrine | Alchemist/Creative Director



What do you do?
I'm an artist, alchemist, photographer, and currently serving as Creative Director of Sun Potion Transformational Foods.

Where are you from?
Big Sur, CA

Where do you live now?





I would love to live surrounded by loved ones, grow my own food and live off the grid as much as I can.  That said, I would love to be on Forbes 40 Under 40. This is the first time ever saying this, even considering it as a goal but apparently I am going for it... while living off the grid-Ha!"





Favorite pastimes?
DIY spa days  and gardening, I need to do more of it.

What inspires you?
Beautiful art, food, travel, truth, and nature.

When are you the happiest?
When I am inspired.

Rules to live by?
"When you get it right,  pass it on." -Gary Snyder





What is your favorite music and latest bands?
One of my best friends, Michael Milosh, has several music projects. RHYE being his primary focus now and his earlier work under “Milosh”. More recently he has been doing these epic improvisational performances for Secular Sabbath, an ambient music series curated by my dear friend Genevieve. They are super experimental and magical and his upcoming EP is exquisite.

What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
I love everything by Rilke, Osho, Gary Snyder and the films of Maya Deren and Ingmar Bergman alway slay me. I recently just saw a film in the theater called Shoplifters by one of my favorite contemporary filmmakers, Hirokazu Kore-eda and I was super impressed with it.



 Painting by Tasya van Ree


Who is your favorite artist? Seen any great exhibits lately?
So many! Noguchi, O'Keefe, Marina Abromovic, Cy Twombly, Salvador Dali, Buckminster Fuller, Leonardo Davinci, Monet, Chagall, Leonard Cohen, Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Yoko Ono. Also my friends, local artists here in Los Angeles: Elena Stonaker, Matthew Morgan, and JS Nero are extremely talented and personal favorites. I feel honored to have a few of their pieces in my home.




What are your rules to live by/manifesto?
Love always wins!

What’s up next for you? Projects/life?
I am very excited to be working on a book this year, stay tuned!


   Abanico Flat Hoops, Rock RIng I and III


What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
Japan is one of my favorite places I have ever traveled. I am always thrilled to return. Next on my list are Iceland, Portugal, Kore, and Peru.

What is your favorite hotel/resort to stay in?
La Réserve in Paris. I love staying there for city vibes, the decor is luscious!
And for nature vibes, there is an obscure Onsen in Northern Japan. I can't remember (or pronounce) the name, but I had the pleasure of staying there for a friend's wedding and it is literally my favorite place on earth. Hot springs, forest, mist, it's beyond heavenly.


Rounded Chain Bracelet, Abanico II Hoops, Rounded Rings Thick and Thin Gold Stacking Rings


Biggest luxury?
Facial massage. My friend Sadie Adams of Take Care does these amazing micro-current facials, whenever I want to treat myself I get a session with her.

When do you feel your best?
When I am inspired.

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
My secret homemade Chlorella and Ashitaba face masks once a week, drinking plenty of spring water, and going into my infrared sauna  3-4 days a week. 





How do you unwind or de-stress?
Cozy nights of essential oil infused baths followed by a glass of biodynamic wine or chrysanthemum tea sipped fireside (ideally in a cashmere pajama set :)!

Do you unplug from devices?
Whenever and however I can! I actually have a second "stealth" phone that I use for close friends and family when I need to unplug but be available for emergencies etc..




How do you take good care of yourself? 
Daily tea meditations, adaptogenic potions, organic whole food diet loaded with healthy fats and ferments, and meditation. Spending as much time in nature as possible.


 Oblique Cuff Ring, Oblique Bangle Thin, Cycad Bangle, Thin Gold Cuff, Thick Rounded Cuff and Square Bangle


Do you have a favorite recipe to share? 

My daily jam for beauty, immunity, creativity, and sustained energy and It's a game changer!
Serves 2

1 tsp White Dragon Matcha
1 tsp Pine Pollen
1 tsp Reishi Mushroom (Powder)
1 tsp Ashitaba
2 Tbs Tocos
6 oz. Hot Water
12 Oz. Coconut Cream
1 tsp Coconut Butter

Add Herbal powders and Coconut Cream + Oil to high speed blender.
Blend 15- 20 seconds. Add the warm (not boiling water) and pulse few more seconds until frothy. Enjoy!



Girona Wrist Wrap, Thin Gold Cuff, Thin Bar Bracelet, Abanico Pendant 


What is your style credo?
Comfortable and relaxed, yet chic.

What do you like in a bag-function/form etc…?
Sexy, luxe, functional, high quality... I love how a good bag ages ... the leather softens in the best way. I love the feeling of your bags!





What KC accessories do you like to wear at night?
The Vida Clutch or the Palomita in black suede, and statement earrings like the Maja Hoops or Oblique Drop Earrings.

Which piece do you want the most?
The Girona in black Napa!

What do you like best about KC bags or jewelry?
The simple elegance and sincerity of Kendall's designs




Photos by Kendall Conrad using an iPhone X
@nitsacitrine @sunpotion