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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Marie Nahon | Producer



Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Bordeaux, France. I am the sixth of nine children. My parents immigrated from Laos to France, in the early 70’s. To date,  I have twenty-four nephews!

What do you do? 
I am an executive producer, currently at Brachfeld, producing ads, broadcasts, digitals, photos, events and videos.



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Where do you live and what do you love most about it?
I live in LA in Los Feliz. I love that area. It’s a much more European vibe and I can walk everywhere. Every morning I walk my seven year old son to his school. It is such a special moment, especially in LA where you normally do everything in your car. The community is great, very inclusive and arty, and you meet people from everywhere.

Well, I guess it's to keep going no matter what and to live a fulfilled life with all of the experiences I can get. I am a curious person and I can’t keep myself in one place. I love learning new things every day. I am not afraid of changes to be a better person.

Favorite hobbies/pastimes?
I love spending quality time with my son. I love cooking as well. My mom was an amazing cook. That was her job and she would always ask us to help her. I guess my first job was when I was seven years old and we had to roll three hundred spring rolls per day. Such a task at that age! But now it’s mostly a pleasure to cook when I have time. I love having friends over and sharing moments with them. It’s like my second family.
Also, I like sports- anything to keep me moving in LA that doesn’t require a car. I like hiking, tennis, rock climbing, boxing. Really anything!!!

What inspires you?
People inspire me. I believe that when you meet someone here, it’s not random. I absorb and learn from each individual, from friendships to work relationships. We all serve a purpose and it’s a journey you decide to take onboard or not with those people. I am passionate about how the brain works and accept completely that other people don’t think the same way that I do. I am learning a lot about myself as well in the discovery of others. We all have different values, and some are different from mine. I am inspired by people when they own their opinions and values completely and are not afraid to show their true selves. 

What do you like most about your work?
Producing was a revelation to me. I was always surrounded by creative people since I started working at 17 as a model. I loved being on set, and observed how a creative director, art director, director, photographer, stylist, make-up artist… executed their creative ideas. Now, nothing makes me happier than seeing them being inspired. That’s my job. I help them succeed at creating their vision, so it becomes a reality. It’s a lot of communication to be able to extract all of the info so I can also succeed. It’s a team effort.



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What’s up next for you?
In 2016, my son was diagnosed with autism. I began to do intensive research to provide the best support for him. Since the diagnosis 4 years ago, I learned how to advocate for my son. Now with this perspective, I have made a documentary called “The Advocates” that I am producing and directing. I want to show all the emotions and processes that a family with autism goes through. The documentary will educate the audience about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and to minimize the stigma around it. It will highlight the people that help families to get the best support for their kids, and the  stories of many families in LA. It will reach a like-minded community who recognize the importance of resources that California has to offer.

When are you the happiest?
When I put my son to bed, we do a pillow fight, then he reads me a story and I read him a story. It’s almost like I live that scene over and over and I don’t want it to end. Eventually he is going to be too old for a pillow fight! And he won’t ask for a cuddle, so we will need to create another routine where we can connect.




What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
One of my dreams would be to travel alone to every single country. I was fortunate enough to live and travel to many countries already. One of my favorite places was Tokyo. I went there last February, by myself. It was the most incredible trip and I could see myself living there in the near future. The culture is so different from any I have ever experienced before. The city and the people fascinated me. It is ultra-modern and yet their education is very traditional. It’s an interesting contrast. Everything is so well organized and respectful. They have trash recycling on every street! We are so far from that in the USA and France. They are traditional and progressive at the same time. They keep their values and move forward to the new century with so much grace and dignity.
Next trip Peru for sure! Soon.

What is your favorite hotel/resort to stay in?
La Valise, in Tulum, Mexico. I love that city. It still has a raw vibe. The food is excellent, and you are surrounded by the jungle and beaches which is so inspiring to me. It’s timeless. There is barely Wi-Fi. Definitely a plus for a workaholic like me. When I am in Tulum, I just surrender myself and try to be more present. 

"My biggest luxury is allowing myself time to take care of myself and to do nothing."

What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
Any book by Brené Brown, I love that woman. She has been such an influence on me on how to be a better person. Understanding my own struggles and emotions, and how to be happier. I have read all of her books and love them all.
My latest coup de coeur for film is Parasite by Bong Joon-ho. This movie blew my mind. I hope you will see it, if you haven’t already.
TV shows: The Crown and Big Little Lies for the actors’ performances and storytelling. Fleabag for the witty English humor.

What is your favorite music and latest bands?
I can listen to anything, classical, Jazz, Rap, Folk, pop… The most recent song I have been listening to over and over is Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish, go figure. Tomorrow it will be another song. I love all genres of music it just depends on my mood. I’ve been listening to a lot lately as I have been putting the soundtrack together for my documentary.

Who is your favorite artist? Seen any great exhibits lately?
I am into contemporary art. For years, I was surrounded by art collectors. They would always debate about artists and argue about who and why they thought so and so was the best. I loved listening to them and their point of views. From my end, I always liked Robert Rauschenberg, Malick Sidibé, Arman, James Turell, Anish Kapoor, Basquiat…
I am going to see Serge Attukwei Clottey at the Mistake Room in downtown LA. I have been following him for a while and love his art. Definitely my next art purchase.



"Trust your instincts and challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself tomorrow. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, within them you will grow."

Do you have a favorite recipe to share? 
I don’t like following recipes. I just cook with what I have in my kitchen. Thanks to my mom who taught me how to cook. I never saw her using a cookbook now that I remember, it’s like trusting your instinct and be creative. It’s more fun, less pressure.

Female hero and why?
My mom!!! She is a tough woman that had to raise nine children mostly by herself as my father past-away when I was fourteen. She was the bread winner, the caretaker. From where she is from, she would show her love and affection by making sure we would have food on the table. She was not the most affectionate person, but she taught us to work hard to get what we wanted. And for that I owe her a lot. For that part of me, the ambitious, courageous, and the survivalist aspect of life.

How do you unwind or de-stress?
Sport, meditation, acupuncture, self-love, and compassion.

Do you unplug from devices? Nighttime or weekends?
No, I am hooked and wired in 24/7, working sometimes in different time zones.

How do you take good care of yourself?
Exercise! And I am going do the Hoffman Program soon. I eat healthy meals, spa, massage, and lots of healing.

When do you feel your best?
At work and with friends and with my son, laughing.



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Who is your style icon, and why?
Stylist Alexandra Carl. I just worked with her for Rika Magazine on the Amber Valetta cover shoot. She has a great eye and taste level. Her style is effortless and simple. 

Bold or delicate jewelry?
Delicate for sure. I am pretty classic in the way that I dress up. I am very peculiar when I purchase clothes or jewelry. I need to ensure that I can wear an item over and over again without getting tired of it.

What was your first KC piece?
One of my first pieces from KC were the Abanico II Hoops. They are so special and timeless. I can wear them with a simple black dress or jeans. I get so many compliments about them.

Which piece/pieces from the new collection do you want the most?
Any bracelet from the latest collections. I am obsessed with all of the KC accessories. I feel the design. The shapes are me in so many aspects.



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