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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Lawren Howell | Fashion/Interior Stylist


Where are you from?
​San Francisco, CA

Where do you live now?
Ojai, CA​

Favorite things to do?
Cooking, farmers marketing, horseback riding, flea marketing, playing running charades, eating good food, drinking good wine.



Thin Rounded Hoops III 


What inspires you?
People that live simply, but beautifully.

​"My goals are to travel the world... introduce my kids to different cultures and ways of living... surround myself with friends and family, art and music, well read people and great thinkers... entertain and be entertained...​live a purposeful life where my actions and choices contribute to a more nurturing world..."

When are you the happiest?
Shopping at Farmer's Market, working in the garden with the kids, Sunday afternoons at home, cooking a dinner from the Farmer's Market and garden, reading my kids bedtime stories, and chatting with them about their day.

What are your favorite places that you have travelled to and where do you want to go next?
Too many to list, but one of my favorite places to visit is Copenhagen. And I hope to spend some time on the Danish island of Bornholm soon!

What is your favorite hotel/resort to stay in?
Dunton Hot Springs
Post Ranch Inn​
Glamping at El Capitan Canyon
The Bowery and The Lafayette House





Please tell me about you children.
Louisa, Peter and Phoebe.
6,4, and 9 months.
​Peter and Louisa love catching lizards and bugs and making habitats for them​.
Phoebe is 8 months old and likes mushing bananas in her hands.

​Please tell me about your pets.
​Pippa, a black chihuahua with a grey mohawk and a variety of chickens.



Ear Band Posts, Gyro Ring, Ear Band Long, and Turtle Conservancy Medallion 



What is your favorite music and latest bands?
I'm a bit of a creatur​e of habit when it comes to music, my favorite bands are Talking Heads, Wilco, Beach House, Bahamas, Haim, Grizzly Bear, Broken Bells and Cass McCombs. Newish bands that I'm into are: Radio Skies, Blood Orange, Leon Bridges, and Cut Worms.

Favorite artists? Seen any great exhibits lately?
Kerry James Marshall, David Hockney, Greg Beda, Caravaggio, Becca Mann, Tim Gardener, Claire Tabouret, Brian Calvin, and Giacometti,
One of my favorite exhibits I’ve seen in the last few years was a retrospective of the Danish artist, Tal R at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

 What are you working on?
Currently I’m developing a line of home fabrics with my sister, under my sister’s label, Stevie Howell, as well as fashion styling and styling interiors for Architectural Digest. And many little projects including the daily duties of momhood.

What's next?
I’m working with my husband Kris on Ojai Workshop a high end woodworking venture we will be launching by late 2018. Stay tuned!



Ojai Workshop's Lil Hus (Little House) 


Biggest luxury?
Reading a magazine!

What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
I'm a sucker for older Woody Allen films, Bullets Over Broadway, Hannah and her Sisters, Annie Hall...I also love Babette's Feast, Overboard, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Love Story, and the series Narcos, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Arrested Development. The Razers Edge by Somerset Maugham has always been a favorite book​.





How do you unwind or de-stress?
Bake, boogie down to pop music, take an epson salt bath, and hike.

Do you unplug from devices? Night time or weekends?
One day I will!

How do you take good care of yourself?
Yoga twice a week, hiking and swimming. The number one health goal I really try hard to live by is just to eat organic and local and whole, unprocessed foods. It's simple and I'm sure we stick to it about 80% of the time.



 The Double Ring Belt, Naked Toggle Chain Thin,  and The Thin Bar Bracelet


When do you feel your best?
After yoga.

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
The two beauty products that I think have made a noticeable difference in my skin are:
Earth Tonics Immortelle Mushroom Serum and Vintner's Daughter in the evening. 



The family chickens catch some shade under the tress. 
Do you have a favorite recipe to share?
Yes, this coconut milk based Curried Lentil Soup which I’ve made a bunch and love! 



What is your style credo?
​Comfort is number one. No one looks chic when they can't walk in their heels or they're worried about a strap being visible!

Who is your style icon, and why?
My good friend Irene Neuwirth
My good friend Liseanne Frankfurt
My good friend Kendall Conrad
My good friend Gregory Parkinson

"I'm more inspired by friends with style than famous people that I don't know."

Bold or delicate jewelry?

What was your first KC piece?
I think a black double wrap hip belt with big brass circles and buckle.



Wood Bench by Ojai Workshop.  Maja Ring Cuff and Esfera Ring 


What accessories do you like to wear at night?
Black KC alligator iPhone case​

Which piece from the new collection do you want the most?
I want the small black Triana!




Photos by Kendall Conrad using an iPhone X