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a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Gabrielle Reece | Entrepreneur

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Where are you from?
I was born in California, but raised in Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?
I live between Malibu and Kauai. I love the constant opportunity to commune with nature which provides a head start on moments of homeostasis. My husband is a surfer (Laird Hamilton) and when I was competing in beach volleyball and my seasons were summer, and his big wave seasons were winter... so it began our migration back and forth. I really enjoy moving around. I know I have been in California if I'm overly concerned with how clean my car looks, and I know I have been in Hawaii too long if I know who is dating who. I'm joking of course but something about moving keeps things in perspective.

Take care of myself and my family. Health. Be my own boss. Learn. Do not stay stuck in titles or the past. Hope to have my external world reflect my internal self as much as possible. Ring the hell out of the time I'm given. Seek my own approval and the approval of those who know and love me (within reason). Make new mistakes, and not repeat them.

Who inspires you?
Dave Chappelle, Jordan Peterson and my husband Laird. The courage to follow your own voice. Hard to do and courageous.


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What do you like most about your work?
It’s creative and also built around taking care of my health. Lucky thing you get to “exercise" as part of your job. I mean does it get better than that?

Please speak about your podcast The Gabby Reece Show. How did you decide to do it and what do you love most about it? Where do you want to take it?
I have always enjoyed interviewing people more than being interviewed. The opportunity to learn from people is one of life’s greatest commodities. I have done TV and magazine columns since the early 90's. Interviewing guests and long form podcasting made a lot of sense to me. I really appreciate being able to sit down with someone for an hour and hopefully create value for the listener. At the end of the day the hope is to grow, learn, and be reminded that we are not alone in our human experience. Life is messy, hard, painful, and wonderful. My hope with the podcast is to do a good job, and I would be lying if I said I didn't want to make it a crusher. What can I say, I'm competitive with myself and want to see just how big I can get it. This is not my "WHY" but since we are being honest...

Same question for LAIRD SUPERFOOD.
Laird Superfood is our unicorn company from the gods. We have had many failures, after all we are entrepreneurs. Developed by accident from a real habit my husband does, and then shared with all of his friends. The company went public last September and the hope and dream for it is to make it a viable food platform that tells the truth, tastes delicious, produces products with a function, and takes care of their employees. I want LSF to always be asking how can we do it better? Packaging. Hiring. Ingredients. Cost. Environmental impact. Even though it's a company that is it's executive team, Laird and I keep asking "how can we be better". Maintaining that growth mind set and not put profit above all else. Success in the long run, not the short term.

You wear so many hats, mother, wife, health guru, HIGHX, author, speaker, podcast host, spokesperson etc.. how do you juggle it all so well?
I’m old school. You can laugh but I still have a written organizer. This way I can not only write it down but truly see how the weeks and months are unfolding. I keep my schedule, the girl’s schedule and Laird’s schedule. The key to how I stay organized is I don't try to do everything all at once and I don't have perfect as the goal. I do my best to figure out what really needs my attention, and close as many loops as I possibly can so I can mentally move on.

"Oh, and I pick up the phone more often for a human to human call vs email. Way more time efficient especially when it's not just facts and details, but nuanced conversation."


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When are you the happiest?
I'm going for peace. Something about when the whole family is in their beds safe and healthy, makes me feel peaceful. I also really enjoy looking at the horizon.

Do you still play volleyball?
I don't have much time for volleyball, and no one wants to go out and suck at something they know how to do but don't have time to practice doing. Short sided by me, but I have no interest in playing volleyball "for fun".

Who are your current favorite athletes?
Too many to mention.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
I love them all. Watching people put it out there is so honest and hard and who doesn't love watching that? Just give me winter and summer Olympics with a side of football.


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What are your favorite places that you have traveled to and where do you want to go next?
Anywhere after COVID.

Biggest luxury?
Healthy food.

What are you reading/watching /listening to?
Books: The Madness of Crowds, by Douglas Murray, The Courage to be Disliked, by Alfred Adler. Countdown by Dr. Shanna Swan, and The Almanac of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson. Like everyone, I listen to Joe Rogan, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Rich Roll, Tim Ferris, Jordan Peterson, Daily Stoic, Whitney Cummings (Good for You), and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.


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What are your rules to live by/manifesto?
Do your best to be in love. This doesn't mean all fuzzy and gooey, it means be of love. Work hard. Avoid copying people or being competitive with anyone other than yourself or a set goal. Be honest. Don't get paralyzed by the obstacles but put a plan of action to get around, over or through them.

"Life is unfair so figure it out. Choose the right thing. Be direct. Don't take anything personally, and don't start any work email with sorry or ask "if that's ok". Side note: take out the word "JUST" in your messages. See how it changes the communication."

Please tell me about your children.
Bela is 26. Reece is 18 and into tennis and nature. Brody is 13 and seems to really enjoy aesthetics (architecture, clothes, furniture) and is a reluctant surfer.

Female heroes?
Cheryl Miller and Babe Didrikson Zaharias were the first woman that sparked the idea that women could be powerful unapologetically. My coach from college Dr. Cecile Reynaud taught me about personal accountability and that hard work and being capable can trump a lot of obstacles.

What would surprise people to know about you?
My domestic skills are on par with most of my other skills. I take pride in doing the mundane as much as the grand. Doesn't mean I don't want to pull my hair out from time to time with the internal question of "what's for dinner". Personally, I seek the emotional middle by nature. One could say I'm even keeled.


Gabby wears the Vida Ring, the Naked Cuff II, the Square Ring III, the Thin Oblique Hoops Small, the Guadix Double Wrap Bracelet in Olive, and olive crewneck sweater from VELVET. All jewelry available in gallery below.

How do you unwind or de-stress?
Training is my unwind.

Do you unplug from devices?
Not enough. Laird would like to run over all of our devices with his truck.

How do you take good care of yourself? What is your daily fitness routine?
I train about six days a week. Pool three times and Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) the other three. I do try to do breathing practices here and there but could do better. The list of vitamins that I cycle in and out of my routines are Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Magnesium, Omegas, Quercetin, TRUniagen, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Ritual Multi Vitamin, and various blends of adaptogens.

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
Shea or coconut oil on my body. I never go to bed with make up on. I like radical moisturizer, Kora Face Oil, For a splurge there is a face oil that is beyond hand crafted called Be Here Farm + Nature Summer Solstice Serum, and Epicuren's Bee Propolis Sunblock. I believe less is more. You want good skin? Hydrate, manage stress and get some zzzzz's.

What is your favorite KC bag and jewelry item?
The Segovia in black-it's ready for anything. The Five Ring Necklace.

What do you like best about KC bags or jewelry?
They are beautifully crafted with elegant simplicity. I'm a no-frills girl but really appreciate something beautifully made. Not to mention bags and jewelry pieces that you can keep for years and years since they are timeless. I don't want more "stuff" just a few nice things.

"I’m grateful for the opportunity to support Project Zero in any small way that I can. The work they are doing is important on behalf of all of us since we are the ocean and the ocean is us. Regardless if we live near a body of water, the health of our ocean is connected to our own survival."


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