Coliena and Marlien Rentmeester – Kendall Conrad


Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Coliena and Marlien Rentmeester

Coliena and Marlien Rentmeester, shot at Marlien's home in Santa Monica, California. 




Where are you both from?

Where do you live and what do you like about it?
CR: I live between NY and LA, with places in both cities because of work and family. I love NY’s energy. It’s my hometown and I’ll always feel attached. LA helps me decompress. We live in the hills, surrounded by nature. I definitely feel lucky - I have the best of both of worlds.


Left on Coliena: dress from Farm Rio, the Naked Cuff I and IV, Fiesta Festival Bracelets, and Double Bangle. Right on Marlien: dress from Farm Rio, the Open Cuff, Fatima Cuff, Fiesta Festival Bracelets, Koutoubia Ring, Artemisa Ring, and Spiral Ring I. All KC shop-able in gallery below.

What do you do?
CR: I’m a photographer, wife, and mom.
MR: I am the founder of the blog Le Catch.
Coliena and I launched OuiWant last year, because we've always worked/played/counterbalanced since we were little. We joined forces—Coliena's fashion photography and my fashion editing to create a platform featuring our curation of brands we love, all shot, styled and steeped in our professionally-honed, distinctly unique, twin-balanced filter.

What do you like most about your work?
MR: It doesn't feel like work!
CR: I love that my work involves constant discovery and creativity. I also enjoy collaborating and feeling inspired. I feel lucky to love my job. My work takes me to far flung places. I’ve seen lots of the world from Capetown to Shanghai, Tibet to Bali, from Peru to Chile to the Caribbean and Norway. My kids also often tag along during the summer with yearly gigs in London, Paris and Spain. I’m happiest when work, family and me time balance.


Marlien wears a dress from Zara, the Cherifa Ring, the Koutoubia and Ball II Hoops, and the Toggle II Chain Necklace. All KC items shop-able below in gallery.

What would surprise people to know about you?
CR: I’m shy and am difficult to photograph.
MR: I'm a hard core Deadhead! I've been to 50+ shows and wrote Jerry Garcia's obituary for Seventeen Magazine.

"It's funny, I don't know what it's like NOT being a twin, but I do know that it feels special and different than being a singleton. I feel blessed to have a twin, to share my life experience with her, to grow older in lockstep. I do feel like I am part of a whole: my forehand to her backhand, my prose to her photos... we complete each other. There are no boundaries, for better or for worse. Still sorting that out now with my therapist!"- Marlien Rentmeester

When are you the happiest?
MR: I'm happiest when I am outside, swimming (or surfing, boating, anything!) in the ocean, hiking, playing tennis, soaking in sunshine and breathing fresh air. Or eating at Bar Pitti in NYC.


Marlien wears the Koutobia and Ball II Hoops, the Toggle Chain II Necklace, and the Clam Pendant. All available to shop below in gallery.  

What inspires you?
CR: Art, light, friends, nature, work and family inspire me.

How did you become a photographer? Did your father (legendary photographer Co Rentmeester) teach you?
CR: My father advised me NOT to be a photographer which is why I didn’t start taking pictures until I was in my early 20’s. After I graduated from UCLA I worked in fashion and commercial production. I applied to Art Center College of Design, against my father’s wishes, and got in with a scholarship. I started working as student and also briefly interned for Irving Penn.


Coliena wears a vintage dress, the Tiger Eye Hoops, the Naked Ear Cuff, the Chain Ribbon in Light Brown Silk, the Aeonium Pendant and Ring. All KC shop-able in gallery below. 

Where do you want to travel to next?
MR: I've never been to Australia. I think I'd never leave if I went.

Favorite hotels/resorts?
MR: A tie between Le Sireneuse, La Scalinatella, Le Reserve (in Paris) and The Brando.
CR: I love Esencia in Tulum and La Residencia in Mallorca. My husband and I were engaged in Tulum and we got married in Mallorca.


Coliena wears the Tiger Eye Hoops, the Chain Ribbon in Light Brown Silk, the Naked Ear Cuff, the Aonium Charm Ring and Pendant, the Triple Gyro Ring, the Naked Cuff I and the Girona Wrist Wrap. All shop-able below in gallery.

"Being an identical twin is a blessing. Marlien is my go to for everything, beyond my best friend and sister. We have a profound connection. Weird but true, sometimes on the phone, we don’t even talk, we just hear each other breathe."- Coliena Renteester

Coliena wears a dress from Zimmerman, the Naked Square II Hoops and Bangle, the Square Bangle II, Naked Ear Cuff, Naked Cuff I and Cable Chain Bracelet. Shop all KC below in gallery. 

What are your rules to live by/manifesto?
MR: Let go and let God.
CR: A constant focus on gratitude.


Left: Coliena wears a Zara dress, the Chain Ribbon in Bougainvillea Silk, the Thick Rounded Hoops, the Fatima II Ring, Naked Cuff I and Naked Ear Cuff. Right: Marlien wears a dress from Amur, the  Imaan Hoops II, the Essential Hoops II, the Naked Cuff II, and the Upper Arm Bangle. Shop all KC below in gallery.

Please tell me about your children.
CR: I have a 14 year old boy, Julian and a 12 year old girl, Phoebe. They make me laugh and cry.
MR: I have two boys, 12 and 15, and they are the cutest/smartest/kindest surfers, skateboarders, and skiers ever. I am in love.


Coliena wears the Chain Ribbon in Bougainvillea Silk, the Thick Rounded Hoops, and the Naked Ear Cuff. KC available below in gallery. 

CR: I love running. It’s a daily habit I started when I was sixteen. Tennis, waterskiing, and wake surfing are also long time passions. I’m a dedicated shopper.

Life goals?
CR: Strive for love, happiness, self-worth and good health, and work.


Marlien wears a dress from CeliaB,  the Thin Rounded Hoops III, the Essential Hoops II, the Thin Bar Bracelet with Tangerine Silk Gauze Ribbon, the Fatima Cuff, and the Square Bangle. All KC items Shop-able below in gallery.

How do you unwind or de-stress?
MR: Reggae music, long walks, and vigorous runs. And, um, online shopping!

When do you feel your best?
MR: When I am laughing.


The Thin Bar Bracelet with Tangerine Silk Gauze string, the Square Bangle and Fatima Cuff, the Thin Rounded Hoops III and the Essential Hoops II. All KC shop-able below in gallery.

Do you unplug from devices?
MR: I should but no. But I mostly keep my phone on silent/vibrate.

How do you take good care of yourself?
MR: I have to be active every day, and I love nothing more than running on soft beach sand. I also play tennis, hike, sweat through group exercise classes and surf regularly. I also write in a journal, something I've been doing since I was 12! It helps clear my head (and purge my stress). And then there's Jakki Leonardi and Allison White, genius magic workers, with whom I speak weekly!


Coliena wears a dress from Lemlem x H & M, the Naked Bangles I and II, the Naked Cuff II, the Grandita Hoops, and the Tangerine Silk String. All KC shop-able below in gallery.

Favorite books?
CR: Some of my favorite books are by Milan Kundera.

Who are your favorited photographers?
CR: Irving Penn. I also like Josh Olins and Cass Bird’s work.


Female hero?
CR: My mother. She raised five kids. I was the 5th, unexpected, as an identical twin.


Coliena wears Mango dress, the Ball Hoops II with the Esfera Charms added, the Rock IV Chain Bracelet, the Naked Cuff I, the Cable Chain Bracelet, and the Thick Rounded Bangle. KC available to shop in gallery below. 

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
MR: Early to bed, early to rise, everyday exercise, lots of greens, and all-natural beauty products (Beauty Counter, Goop, Tata Harper!)

Biggest luxury?
CR: A nice holiday away with friends and family.
MR: Boredom.


Marlien wears a Farm Rio dress,  the Islero Chain Bracelet, the Thin Rounded Hoops III, the Essential Hoops II and the Clam Pendant. KC available to shop below in gallery. 

Who is your style icon?
CR: My twin sis, Marlien and lately, Giedre Dukauskaite.

Your style is so colorful, ethnic, and textural. Can you please tell me how it arrived?
MR: My mother is Indonesian and my father is Dutch, and my childhood home was very eclectic decor-wise. Lots of mixing and matching, old and new, exotic and basic. Very much like my style today.

What is your style credo?
CR: I like classic style topped with a wow element for fun, contrast and/or texture.


 Coliena wears the Toggle Chain II Necklace and Marlien wears the Rounded Chain Collar Necklace. Both dresses are vintage. KC items available in shop below.

Bold or delicate jewelry?
MR: Delicate.
CR: Delicate jewelry with a bold piece thrown in from time to time.

What was your first KC piece?
MR: Lace-up sandals that I wore into the ground!

Form or function?
CR: I like form in a bag but it needs to function.

What KC accessories do you like to wear during the day?
MR: Easy hoops and stackable rings!

Which item do you want most?
CR: I really want the Naked Ear Cuff.


Marlien wears dress by Shein, the Abanico Hoops and Rounded Ring IV, and Coliena wears dress from Veronica Beard, the Chain Hoops, Naked Ear Cuff, Naked Cuff I and Thick Rounded Bangle. Shop all below. @marlienrentmeester @colienarentmeester