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Spanish noun

a woman who is very knowledgeable about an activity, subject, or pastime. a connoisseur, expert, specialist, cognoscente, an enthusiast.

Alexandra Edenborough | Singer/Home Designer


Where are you from?
Born in London, England, and raised between Chelsea and Somerset.

Where do you live now and what do you love most about it?
Point Dume, in Malibu. Everything! I have lived all over LA in the years I’ve been here, and Malibu is my favorite. Perhaps it’s where I’m at in my life, but I love my house, the beach, the space for my family, the community, the schools, the beauty of the place, which is inspiring in itself - I could go on, I feel very lucky.


What are you doing now?
I have just created a home line called Æt Home, that’s a collection of ceramics, linens, trays, etc.. inspired by my travels and experiences over the years. I have always been passionate about design and lifestyle, so this is very exciting for me. It’s a curation of things I love, would have in my home, and an overall lifestyle brand that reflects an environment I tend to create with friends and family, whether at home or away.


What do you love about singing/recording/playing piano?
I love the freedom and pure ability to express myself when singing, it’s such a release, and a necessity! Recording is always so much fun - hearing your songs come to life in the studio and collaborating with people is really satisfying, and so different too, when It’s just me and the piano. I love that I have the ability to play, to sing and create a song whenever I want, but I prefer working with people if I’m honest. Two minds are better than one!

Do you like to perform live? What is your dream gig?
I do, when I actually do it! Ohhh the dream gig. Definitely to sing/write a James Bond theme song. I have always wanted to do that. Aside from that, I’d be really happy playing venues all over in places I love. Give me a good cafe and a glass of wine in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, New York, LA etc.. etc… and currently due to our COVID situation, at my house or at a friend's.


"I have a rescue dog called Eddie. He’s a terrier mix and has endless patience towards Jasper who gives him some fairly rough loving, but they’re best friends."

Please tell me about Jasper.
My son Jasper is three years old. He’s such a personality. It’s a fun age and he’s getting more independent by the day,. He makes me laugh constantly, and his obsession in life is vacuums. If he could just vacuum all day, every day, I think he would. I’m wondering when and if he’ll grow out of this phase…

How have things shifted since you had Jasper ?
So much. I can’t imagine life now without him for one, but also, I discovered I wasn’t one of those women who had a baby and then immediately got back in the saddle work-wise. I thought I would, but it’s taken some time to find it again. The benefit of that is, I’ve learnt more about myself and what I want. One example: really discovering where and how I want to live in this city.



Oh god, lots! I suppose the most important, as cliché as it sounds, is to try and be the best I can be for myself, my family and those I love.

What did you learn during COVID-how has it changed you?
I think this time of slowing down and being at home has ultimately made me realize that I just need a lot less in life! We tend to start to complicate ourselves with distractions and being busy. With less noise, it’s actually made me more focused. I started getting into gardening. We built planting boxes to grow vegetables, herbs and cutting flowers. It’s been a fun family project and I’m excited to continue that. Working on my home line has also really blossomed during this period, so of course I will be continuing that. The daily beach walk has been a lifesaver. I think it’s hard to say how we’ll all come out of this to be honest, I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to stay present.


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Favorite hobbies/pastimes?
Listening to and going to see music, beach walks, cooking, more recently gardening, having a casual dinner at the house with friends, arranging flowers, movies, pouring over design books and magazines.

What inspires you?
Travel, design, music, film, art, people, the beauty in nature, love, romance…

What do you like most about your work?
On the lifestyle design front I like that I can visualize an idea and then create that environment or item, and it’s much the same with music, hearing something in my head and then being able to turn it into a song that you can then experience.


When are you the happiest?
Music on, glass of wine in hand, people I love around me, and a good summer setting…

What are your favorite places that you have travelled and where do you want to go next when it is safe to?
Tough to choose! My favorite spot which I always go to has to be Deia, in Mallorca, ( I love Spain as a whole), Egypt was an amazing experience and has stayed with me ever since, as was Morocco, the South of France, Paris, Il de Re, Rome, (again Italy has so many beautiful spots), Barbados, Scotland, and there’s nothing quite like being at home in the English countryside. Next stop; I’m really wanting to go to Jamaica.

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to, and people I’ve never met.” - John Greene

Biggest luxury?
Alone time ( as I have a three year old) and especially these days!

What are some of your favorite books/audiobooks, and films/shows?
Simone De Beauvoir, The Woman Destroyed, I love Dorothy Parker’s poetry, a favorite childhood book that I still pick up every Christmas is The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper, and some really fun light fare that is much needed right now is How to be Parisian, and Older, but Better, but Older, both of those by Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas. Some film favorites would be A Bigger Splash, Stealing Beauty, L'Avventura, Room with a View, Moonstruck, and most of the James Bond films...

What is your favorite music and latest bands?
Hmm, very hard to narrow it down but to name a few; Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Massive Attack, The Police, Sting, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Serge Gainsbourg, Elton John, George Michael, Sade, Madonna … I listen to new stuff all the time and whatever grabs my attention in the moment becomes the new favorite - A new discovery that’s on repeat currently is Alan Power, Love, Love, Love.

Who is your favorite artist?
I think I’d have to go with Cy Twombly.


Do you have a favorite recipe to share?
My favorite quick and easy recipe and go to when I have an impromptu dinner party is Tuscan lemon chicken. Basically, chicken breasts cooked in olive oil, lemon, thyme and white wine, served with a big green salad, a tomato salad, and warm crusty bread and a good-looking cheese board.

Female hero and why?
So many incredible women to be inspired by, but a couple that standout would be Madonna, who was probably the first woman when I was a little girl that made me realize that you could be strong and have your own voice in a time that still felt like a man’s world. A developing hero who is inspiring, and I think will continue to be one to watch as a female figure, is Elisa Sednaoui Dellal. The Funtasia educational program she’s founded is fantastic, and she moves with authenticity and integrity.

How do you unwind?
I’m starting to meditate which feels great, taking a walk and being in nature, listening to music and dancing is the best-turn up the volume and let it all go!

Do you unplug from devices?
Not enough! Something I’m working on.


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How do you take good care of yourself?
During these new COVID times, setting some boundaries and alone time has been essential for my wellbeing, and I'm lucky to live right by the beach, so daily beach walks have become a ritual. Otherwise it's pretty simple - cooking delicious healthy food, getting a good night’s sleep, and remembering to laugh!

When do you feel your best?
In Mallorca after a swim in that magical Mediterranean Sea, sitting on a rock in the hot air. Heaven.

Beauty routine/skincare regime?
I have a process and I'm diligent about it! Morning and night, I cleanse, tone, add a serum or two, and moisturize. SPF daily. I use masks 2-3 times a week and exfoliate. I also have facials once a month from Lena at Carasoin, who I started seeing about a decade ago when they first opened their doors. She's magical, and the only one I trust my skin with! All of the products I use are from Luzern, DNA and Kypris, Lena approved, and have zero nasties in them. Makeup wise I use a little concealer where needed and powder, all by RMS, and then I'll do a smokey eye for night. I do love a red lip when I'm in the mood. Kosas has a good red, and RMS is a fantastic clean makeup line. I could probably have a whole other interview about skincare and products, I'm really into it as anyone who knows me well is very aware of, and patient with!



What is your style credo?
Classic with an edge.

Who is your style icon?
A cross between Jane Birkin and Jacqueline Bisset, with a dash of Charlotte Rampling. Effortless, stylish, classic and sexy. Not unlike KC!


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Bold or delicate jewelry?

What was your first KC piece and what do you want next?
The Slanted Bangle, which lives on my arm still, many years later! Top of my wishlist - always hard to narrow it down, but I’m coveting the L’Aventura III in black and white embossed snake, and the Cresta ring stack in brass!

What do you like best about KC bags or jewelry?
I love the classic, understated and stylish design of everything KC, and that you can wear all the pieces with everything, day and night. They last forever as well.


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